S K Networks

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We are very passionate when it comes to networks and different aspects of it. We undertake network upgrade projects which is one of the most essential things about today's networks. We also include maintenace package for clients which covers not only the hardware of the devices but the softwares which comes with it. We work tirelessly to monitor your network and are very effecient at troubleshooting any network related problems that may arise. We also provide server maintenance and server deployment. Apart from that, we also provide cabling for the networks. May it be a greenfield project or an exisiting network, you can always rely on us to take care of your networks.

We can design and recommend different best practises for your network. Our design recommendations are based on market standards set by the vendors and also innovative solutions to extract the maximum performance of your network. We understand the importance of having a stable and reliable network is what makes your work easier as you have few lesser hassles to deal with.


When Nikola Tesla imagined wireless comunications to take over our every-day activities, he was brushed aside by many crtics. Today, our life is simply incomplete without wireless networks. We rely heavily on wireless networks at our campuses, homes and offices to provide mobility and ease of use to our consumers. Considering the importance of security and encryption for wireless networks, our products and technologies tackle that along with providing different analytical tools to you.

We provide wireless solution for your homes, offices and campuses which gives you a higher throughput and does not compromise on the security of the network. We also provide apartment complex wifi, where you can get wireless connection at any place in your complex greatly increasing the ease of the residents and reducing the cost.

Firewall and Cyber Security

Firewall is usually the network's first line of defense against any and all kind of cyber attacks or cyber hacks. In this age of technology, when hackers are ever evolving to find new ways to penetrate your networks, we need to upgrade you firewall to provide a stronger shield against these attacks. Reports indicate that larger corporations receive on upwards of 1000,000 "knocks on the door". Good firewall security policies ensure that these "knocks" do not transform into anything more to compromise the network and it's data.

We provide support to some of the nation's most demanind networks and regularly consult various clients on how to improve their firewall security. We also provide analytics and penetration testing to find out vulnerabilties before a hacker can exploit them.

Web Designing and Hosting

When Internet was just a neat tool and websites were present for website developers to showcase their skills, no one imagined how those things would change so quickly. Today, we rely on websites to assert our online presence and provide an ease of usability to your clients. A well designed and responsive website can help you stand out from your comptetion to attract more customers. And keeping that in mind, we provide website designing with modern touch. We have looked at various top websites and drawn inspiration from them to help you build a better website.

But website designing is just peice of the puzzle. We provide website hosting at very affordable rate starting at ₹ 99/- only. Compare these to monthly charges on GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGator etc. where you end up paying more over a period of time.

Mail Hosting

As our communication becomes more email oriented, sending email as johndoe@yourdomain.com leaves a bigger mark than sending email from your personal email address like johndoe@gmail.com. We provide with affordable solutions to host your own mail servers either with us or locally in your network starting at ₹ 49/- only.

We utilize Open Source softwares to greatly reduce the cost associated with email hosting. Yet, we do not compromise on the features of mail hositng like spam blocking, spam filtering and so on.