S K Networks

Build. Connect. Secure.

Who are we?

We are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India with offices in Goregaon East, Goregaon West and Malad West. Our team comprises of skilled labors and engineers from different branches of network, civil and electrical engineering. We push our employees to strive towards different certifications and technology skillsets which help them grown individually which in turn helps us grow as a company.

We founded this company on the motto of delivering the most effecient and affordable services. We identified that, as our cities and states move forward in the path of development, our technological know-how also need to change to facilitate that. Having being in the construction field for over 25 years, we have decided to expand in the IP networking sector as well. We will continue to apply same core value of determination, hard-work, diligence and punctuality of project completion to every project we take on our hand.

Our mission statement

To employ innovative and advanced techonoliges and poducts to break the barriers of perceiving networks and real estate as something traditional or static.

This empowers our clients to look at bigger profit margins and return of investment, employees to help clients acheive that and partners to bring more business to us and our clients.

What do we do?

We started our profile by concentrating on electrical contracting works in Mumbai and Greater Mumbai region in the 1980s. We quickly identified our technological superiority which gave us an edge over the competitors and helped lay the ground work for the coming years. As time progressed and advancements were made in every field, we also adapted to migrating to newer business models which helped us sustain and grow. In 2006, we started expiremnting with building construction, at first taking over smaller projects, learning from them, identifying variuos challenges which they presented and finding a path to success. This has not gone unnoticed with our client, who time and again came to us for different services. As India is catching up to the rest of the world in the field of Internet and IP technology, we thought it would be a head start for us to bring the western technology and their best practises to our clients in Inda, but with the modification that suited our Indian markets. In the recent years, government of India has made many changes to the real estate sector and laid down various rules regarding the fire safety of the constructed buildings. We adhere by those rules and provide with a very safe and deployable fire fighting services and also post maintenance of the equipments.

Products and technologies

We regularly partner and utilize the products of some of the most recognisable and renowed brands in the electrical wires, modular switches, electricals panels, network switches and routers, network firewalls and security appliances, wireless routers and access points, servers, mail servers and web hosting servers, fire fighting equiments, fire fighting panels. For construction services and network services, apart from the recmoonded and approved products and/or brands provided by the clients, we also recommend other brands and products if we feel certain products are best suited for your environment, also provides greater cost cutting and profits. Some of the vendors that we regularly work with are Cisco, Palo Alto, Meraki, SonicWALL, TP-Link, Netgear, Juniper, Sophos, Dell, Goldmedal, Anchor, Legrand, Philips, Havells, Polycab and all other leading brands.

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